IMG_4629Adrian Vedady is one of Montreal’s premier jazz bassists. He leads his own group featuring Montreal musicians, Yannick Rieu, Erik Hove, Kate Wyatt, Richard White, John Fraboni and Dave Laing.

As a sideman, Adrian  can be heard alongside Montreal jazz greats like Yannick Rieu, Francois Bourassa, Steve Amirault, Chet Doxas, Jim Doxas and Christine Jensen. Adrian has also performed with renowned New York Jazz musicians such as Sheila Jordan, Ravi Coltrane and extensively with  New York pianist Marc Copland. In fact, in 2012, Live at Largo, a trio recording featuring Copland and Vedady was released.

Adrian is professor of double bass at the University of Laval in Quebec city and has taught at CAMMAC for the past 7 years.

“Adrian Vedady should be considered as one of Montreal’s best double bassists. The quality of his rhythmic accompaniment, the fluidity of his phrasing, the clarity and roundness of his lines makes him one on the most important contributors at the heart of the local scene.”

Alain Brunet, La Presse, June 2009

 “Vedady gave the music its forward motion and fearlessly interacted with (Sheila) Jordan as if they were old friends.”

Peter Hum, Ottawa Citizen, January 2012

“(Vedady’s) playing is basically an illustration of this statement made by Stan Getz ‘the bass is the most important instrument in jazz.’”

Serge Truffaut, Le Devoir, October 2010

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